I am Ashwin Pagnis and I became from a Non-Runner to Runner by participating in the 100 Days challenge in the year 2020.

I started my walking journey in September 2019 as I was overweight with 97 kg at an early age. I was not much regular for my walk as I didn’t have any company that can give me motivation. After I learnt about the 100 Days of running challenge, I started preparing myself to participate. Believe me, as soon as I registered I became motivated & inspired to see others on the HDOR app. In the initial days, I promised myself that I will transform myself.

It was difficult in the beginning for me to walk for 30 minutes but soon I became habitual and now I can run Half Marathons.

The best part of the challenge was that I reduced 16 Kg of my body weight.

The journey was not only about the weight loss, 100 Days of running challenge gave me lots of confidence, motivation, inspiration & a very disciplined life.

A 30 min Run or walk can change your life too. Do it for 100 days and it becomes a part of your life.

Let’s join and Transform ourselves with HDOR 2021!!