Story of Amaka Ngemu from Arunachal Pradesh who could deal with her illness after joining 100 Days of Running.

Let’s hear the story in her own words.

I was diagnosed with lupus in the year 2015 when my life came crashing down.

Like almost every chronic illness patient my life changed within a month or two, from being a regular yoga practitioner and active lifestyle to being bedridden. So sudden was the change that I was diagnosed as clinically depressed in the year 2017. I made numerous trips to different hospitals seeking help and cure, but I finally had to accept lupus was going to be a part of me forever.

In the year 2020, my friends and sisters gifted me a Fitbit fitness band, and they believed in me, which motivated me and reminded me that I was important.

The same year Pema Loyi made me join the HDOR, unsure and self-doubt as to whether I’ll be able to walk. As lupus flare is an uninvited guest. Well, I didn’t realise, I just needed to tame it.

I still have my flare days, and stay in bed the whole day, sometimes weeks.

I am confident and not so scared now.

So happy to join this 7th edition HDOR, the second time, along with my husband who is ready to walk with me.

My sincere thanks to my friends Pema for making me walk. And my sister Paine for walking along with me.